TouchBase Pears

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Sense is the UK’s leading specialist charity that supports people with deafblindness, people with sensory impairments, and those with complex needs. We are building a new centre in the heart of Birmingham, called TouchBase Pears. TouchBase Pears will provide a welcoming environment for the whole community, and vital services for disabled people. An amazing community asset, it will help the city ride a wave of regeneration and development opportunities. As we launch the appeal to raise funds for TouchBase Pears there are many ways for you to get involved.

Every donation counts. Thank you so much for your support. Every pound, every penny, will help Sense develop TouchBase Pears as a ground-breaking community asset in the heart of Birmingham.






"358,000 people in the UK live with deafblindness."

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Your support means so much to us - thank you!

To the many hundreds and thousands of people who have supported Sense in its work, thank you for your generosity, your time and your energy. We are very grateful.

With your help we’re taking huge strides forward in our appeal to raise funds to build and equip TouchBase Pears 

Sketch of TouchBase exterior